Delaware Health Plans

Delaware health plans consist of several options for Delawareans to be insured.

Whether you are healthy or suffer from chronic illness, there are plans you might find suitable for your health care needs.

Delaware Medicare

Delaware Medicare is health insurance program which covers mostly your health care costs run by Federal government.

Delaware Medicaid

Delaware Medicaid is a health care program for the people with low income, elderly, blind and disabled unable to pay for their medical needs.

Delaware SCHIP (Healthy Children Program)

Delaware healthy children?s program is low cost health insurance run by the Federal Government. It provides benefits to children of parents having high income and hence is not eligible for the Medicaid.

Delaware Medicare Supplement Insurance

Delaware Medicare supplement insurance is run by private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

It supplements the gaps in Original Medicare health insurance.

Delaware Long Term Care

Delaware Long term care insurance is the insurance plan provides benefits for people who can not perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting for a long period of time.

Delaware Advantage Plans

Delaware Medicare Advantage Plan is also called Part C Plan provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

It covers all of Part A (Hospital insurance) and all of Part B (Medical insurance) health care services.

Delaware Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Plan

Delaware Medicare Prescription drug coverage is also called Part D in Medicare.

Delaware Prescription drug coverage is offered to those who already have enrolled in Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B.