Delaware Long Term Care Insurance

Delaware Long term care insurance is the insurance plan provides benefits for people who can not perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting for a long period of time.

Delaware Long term care can be taken at any nursing home or at your home.

Delaware Medicare and Medicaid provide limited long term care benefits.

Long term care insurance shares your expenses by funding for the long term care, protecting your assets.

Delaware Long term care insurance policies cover

1) Home Health Care

a) Skilled care -Visiting nurses, Physical, speech and occupational therapies

b) Custodial care- Care at your home, Intermediate care

2) Community Care

a) Adult day Care

b) Respite Care

3) Assisted Living Facilities

a) Assisted living home

b) Informal care

c) Hospice care

d) Facility for Alzheimer?s

4) Nursing Homes

Nursing home stay

Cost of Delaware Long Term Care insurance policy

You must find the cost of care services in your area, usually there are three types of most common care options-assisted living, nursing home care and home health care.

In long term care insurance the policy continues to give benefits till the insured person needs long term care.

Long term care insurance usually pays every day a fixed amount for the insured person?s care.

The terms and costs of Long term care insurance vary among the companies.