Delaware Medicare Supplements

Delaware Medigap or Medicare supplement insurance is designed to cover the gaps in Original Medicare.

Delaware Medicare supplement insurance is run by private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

It supplements the gaps in Original Medicare health insurance.

Medicare Supplement insurance policy does not cover Prescription Drugs. You need to buy Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage.

Medicare supplement insurance is different from Medicare Advantage plans.

If you already have Medicare and buy a Medicare Supplement insurance policy then health care costs is partly covered by Medicare with its approved amount and partly by Medigap.

Each Medigap policy abides by the Federal and the state laws to protect you from Medicare frauds.

Medicare supplement insurance companies can sell any of the ten standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plans to you.

In Delaware, Medicare Supplement insurance plans are standardized and identified as letters A through N.

All the standardized Medigap policies give same basic benefits and do not change with the company.

You have to decide the type of Plan according to your needs and cost of the Plan.

Medigap insurance companies can offer one or more Medigap standardized plans.

Enrollment in Medicare A and B is mandatory to join any Medicare Supplement insurance policy.

You need to pay a monthly premium for Medigap policy along with the monthly premium for Medicare.

Only one person is covered in Medicare Supplement insurance, so you need to buy Medigap policy separately for your spouse.

Medicare Supplement insurance policy is renewable if you pay the premiums regularly.

Medicare Supplement insurance plans are changed from June 1, 2010 to compensate the gaps in Original Medicare.

Important changes in Medigap plans from June1, 2010

1)?? Medigap policies purchased before June 1, 2010 remain unchanged. You can keep those policies active by paying regular premiums, no need to quit the Plans.

2)?? Medigap policies in Alaska for sale are ten standardized policies identified by letters A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M and N

3)?? Medigap Policy plans taken on or after June 1, 2010 will benefit the coverage of Plan A coinsurance.

4)?? Plan K will cover 50% of the cost and 75% by Plan L

5)?? Plans M and N are new plans offered for sale

6)?? Plans D and G are different from the previous Plans D and G before June1,2010

7)?? For those who already bought Plans E,H,I and J can still carry on with these, but from June 1,2010 these plans are not available with insurance companies

8)?? Medicare supplement insurance companies must offer plan A for sale

9)?? Medicare supplement? insurance companies offering any other Plan must also give either Plan C or Plan F

10)?????????????? Plan F has a distinguishing high deductible Plan F option

11)?????????????? All Medigap policies are not available for sale in all states. You will have to find out Medigap policy offered in your state.

Open enrollment period

A guaranteed right to buy Medigap policy is given during six month enrolment period to every citizen of Delaware with age 65 or above.

In this six months enrolment period a Medicare supplement insurance company must sell the policy without any additional charges or reject you to buy any Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

You are not eligible for Open enrollment period till you attain the age 65, though you have Medicare coverage B due to Medicare disability.

You can also buy Medigap policy if you have a guaranteed issue right.

If you do not have guaranteed issue right and your open enrollment period is over, company may charge you more premium or use medical underwriting.

You are eligible to any Medigap policy in the open enrollment period even if health problems are preexisting at the same cost as for a healthy person


ELDERinfo division is Delaware?s State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).

ELDERinfo can help Delawareans to know about complex Medicare plans, Medigap, long-term care insurance and other types of health insurance.

Counselors of ELDERinfo are volunteers who have undergone training on health insurance. You can call for ELDER info at 1-800-336-9500.